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  • Titanium Knives

    The Kasumi Titanium knives, are made from vanadium, molibdenio and regarment of titanium. Allowing this way a good edge for the combination of the steel and the titanium. The knives kasumi titanium are presented in several colors of leaf: Blue, Gold and grey

  • Deba Knives

    The Deba knife is a type of Japanese kitchen knife with a pointed blade used mainly to cut and clean fish, poultry and meat. It is perfect for heavy cutting task

  • Usuba Knives
  • Nakiri Knives

    The nakiri knife is a Japanese Chef´s knife characterized by its straight blade edge and squared off tips that makes cleaning and cutting of vegetables easy. The nakiri knife allows you to cut use a horizontal push or pull. The Nakiri knife is light and thin, so it is perfect for cutting all types of vegetables without squishing it, even delicate vegetables.

  • Santoku Knives

    The Santoku knives are Chef Japanese knives, are light, with the thinnest and very sharp leaf. The Knives Santoku are ideal to cut meats, fished, vegetables. The Santoku Knives are ideal to cut meats, fished, vegetables … it is not adapted to cut pieces of meat with bone unless they are thin.

  • Yanagiba Knives
  • Takohiki Knives

    Takihiki knife is a Japanese slicing knife with a square tip. Designed to cut octopus (Tako in Japanese), sushi and sashimi.