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  • Deejo Knives
  • Exposito Pocket Knives

    Since 1947 Exposito Cutlery is one of the main European companies dedicated to the handcraft manufacture of Pocket Knives and Sport cutlery. Between our ample range of models we would like to underline the incorporation and recovery of the models of “Spanish classic Pocket-Knives” totally “HAND-MADE”, as well as the new designs of Pocket- knives and Sport Cutlery. Our exclusive handicraft designs make us the only one in the world. Our great capacity of export allows us in addition to offer to our clients very competitive prices. The Exposito Pocket Knives are made with materials of the greatest quality:Blades: Stainless stell 440 Handles: Alpaca, horn, stag and red and green stamina, wood,... and all them with leather sheath.

  • Joker Pocket Knife

    Joker offer a selection of knives specializing in exotic handle materials and stainless steel blades. Joker offers knives with exotic woods that you will rarely see used on other domestic knives such as Amourette (snake wood), Holme oak, and tip-of-the-horn bull horn.

  • J.J Martinez Pocket Knife
  • Salamandra
  • Black Fox
  • Navajas Suizas Victorinox
  • Opinel

    Opinel, the prestigious French brand of kitchen knives and razors as well as other cutting tools for DIY and outdoor leisure. Opinel was born in Savoy, France, in 1890 as a result of Joseph Opinel's passion for making a pocket knife. At the age of 18, he created the first knife for himself in his father's forge. Soon the commercial success of this knife was achieved by opening his father's small workshop and creating the first factory where he perfected the manufacture of the various elements thanks to modern machinery.

  • Accessories and cases
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Showing 1 - 37 of 50 items