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Kasumi knives are a brand that is produced by Sumikama Cutlery located in the knife making capitol of the world, Seki Japan. We currently offer two lines of knives by Kasumi, the Kasumi Damascus Pattern Knives and the Kasumi Titanium Knives.

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  • Ceramic

    Kasumi ceramic knives are characterized by their excellent edges and the advantages provided by ceramic leaves; the las ones are stainless and anticorrosive. Kasumi ceramic leaves having a high circonium oxide percentage. The leaves have been hardened in a special oven with a temperature up to 1500 ºC. Due to the fact that they are ceramic knives they have to be hand washed and be handled with lot of care because the leaf could be splintered or broken if you don´t pay careful attention during its usage. In the same way, cutting hard or frozen food must be avoided.

  • Kasumi Damascus

    Kasumi Damascus Knives are made in Japan, in Seki the traditional home of the ancient Japanese swordsmiths. Kasumi Damascus knives, as the name suggests are made in the Damascene method, where layers of steel are hammered together. Kasumi knives have 32 layers in their constuction. Made from V-Gold high carbon steel, Kasumi Damascus Knives are well balanced with full-tang construction with a riveted laminated wood handle. Hand wash only, Kasumi Damascus knives are best sharpened on a whetstone.

  • Kasumi Hammer

    The Kasumi Hammer pattern on both sides of the blade is a result of hot forging by 300 tons of a flection machine which makes the steel stronger and the hammer design clear. The uneven hammer design prevents food from sticking the the blade. A remarkably shiny edge is perfected with a dual finishing process from medium #1000 and fine #3000 revolving water grinding stones resulting in a sharp, professional edge. The polyacetal resin (POM) handle is comfortable in the hand, hygienic

  • Kasumi Titaniumn
    Kasumi knives are ultra sharp professional chefs knives manufactured in Japan. These Kasumi Titanium knives feature extra sharp edges with Titanium coated Molybdenum Vanadium Steel blades and black heat resistant polypropylene handles. Available in blue, gold or grey, these knives come in santoku, chef, paring and utility options.
  • Kasumi Tora

    New Kasumi TORA knives are developed by combining the best technologies for over a decade od experience in producing Kasumi series knives. Kasumi TORA knives are handmade utilizing the skills of knife making specialists and crafted in the fashion as traditional Japanase swords. The cutting blade of Kasumi TORA is made from solid Molybdenum Vanadium hig Carbon Stailess steel which is popular japanese steel with fine cutting performace, rust resistance and ease of re-sharpening. The handle is made of magnolia wood with black epoxy cure, which provides comfort in and, long lasting, light weight and well balanced. Kasumi Tora knife series is recommended for first-time users of japanese knives because of their reliable quality and ease of maintenance yet affortable pricing. The knife is carefully finished piece by piece throughout its process by handwork of skilled craftsmen.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 37 items