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  • Kai

    KAI – a japanese brand. Fashion, lifestyle, media world – Japan is ahead of time. Whatever is going to develop, Tokyo already has it. Japanese products are also in great demand around the world. The Far Eastern blend of harmony, minimalism and function combined with convincing quality leads to a magic formula of a great number of popular lifestyle products.

  • 3 Claveles

    3 claveles knives are of very high quality, all range is made in stainless steel of high content in carbon and molybdenum vanadium, that guarantee a perfect cut of great duration. The handles of 3 claveles knives are designed of ergonomic form to adapt the hand comfortably and thus make easiest and safe the work.

  • Arcos

    Arcos Kinves is the leading Spanish kitchen knife manufacturer with multinational scope, and one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in the world. Juan de Arcos started hand-crafting the first kitchen knives marked with the Arcos brand in 1745.

    Making knives for more than 260 years, our team of almost five hundred employees produces 600 different models of knives with a production average of 70,000 units per day. Our production process is divided between several factories located in the province of Albacete (Spain) with a total factory production area of over 30,000 square meters.

    Because we work with the latest technologies and are constantly updating them to ensure the highest quality of our products, Arcos Hermanos, S.A. has become a Global leader in the development of professional and well as home cutlery.

  • Wusthof

    WÜSTHOF precision forged knives are goods of only the highest quality. Painstakingly manufactured these knives are pure fun to work with and will turn even the preparation of a dish into a culinary pleasure. Each one of the WÜSTHOF knife series has a different ergonomic handle design which offers a comfortable feeling for all different likings. Wusthof knives are used by many of the world’s finest professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts. Wusthof is the official partner of the German national team of chefs.

  • Tamahagane

    Tamahagane Knives are made by the Kataoka factory in Niigata Japan. Choose from 3 of their knife ranges, Bamboo, San and San Tsubame. All three ranges use the same 3 ply material known only to Kataoka. Blocks and sets to compliment the individual knives are also available. The middle layer is VG-5 which forms the edge of the blade. This layer is exceptionally hard (61 HRC)

  • Salamandra Kocina

    Spanish Salamandra kitchen knives, made of 1.4116 steel and ziricote or Nitrogen aceto handle and carved G10 handle

  • Global

    Features of Global kitchen knives The two most innovative features of Global knives are their edge and the way they are balanced. The most important feature of any knife is its edge, and the Global edge is truly its signature. The majority of the Global knives are sharpened or ground on both sides of the blade, just like Western style knives. However, their edges are ground steeply to a point as illustrated in Fig. 1 below, and to an acute angle. This is in contrast to Western or European knives that use a bevelled edge (Fig. 2) - the straight edge results in a dramatically sharper knife which stays sharper longer. The edge on a Global knife is so large and prominent that it is easily seen with the naked eye and extends a quarter of an inch or more up from the tip of the knife. To balance their knives, Global uses a hollow handle which is then filled with just the right amount of sand to create the correct balance. Global uses this method rather than using a full tang and a bolster to balance their knives for two reasons. First, it is far more precise than using a tang and a bolster. Second, Asian knives typically do not have bolsters, since they only serve as a hindrance to cutting and sharpening. Other unique features of Global knives are their smooth contours and seamless, all stainless steel construction which eliminates food and dirt traps offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.

  • SICO

    Sico's main business is the manufacture of professional cutlery: kitchen knives, professional knives, cleavers, spatulas, forks, pocket knives, blades for the food industry.

    Our company currently owns a modern production area of 8000m2, with machines incorporating cutting-edge technology, including laser systems, CNC, and robotics.
    The company currently has 50 professionals on its books who produce 4,000 items a day. We are one of the leading manufacturers of professional knives.

  • Bunmei
  • Masahiro

    ABSOLUTE ML is a German knife. Not Japanese as it appears, however elements of Far East production techniques are under the bonnet. It ’s like in the car business. 67 layers of steel and added carbon provide a stunning cutting edge that remains sharp. ABSOLUTE ML links this high-tech product technology with evocative product design, to produce a knife that do esn’t only give an un believable cutting per-formance, but that also looks great. Solicut Absolute ML Knives Japanese style knives with Damascus steel blades. These very hard knives give outstanding, durable cutting performance, while the complimentary balance between the blade and the slip proof handle makes for excellent precision and comfort during use

  • Martinez&Gascon
  • Knives

    Kasumi knives are a brand that is produced by Sumikama Cutlery located in the knife making capitol of the world, Seki Japan. We currently offer two lines of knives by Kasumi, the Kasumi Damascus Pattern Knives and the Kasumi Titanium Knives.

  • Victorinox

    Victorinox Chef Knives stand out due to their high-quality, durable materials and ergonomic design, as well as being carefully developed for their intended purpose. Thanks to the broad product range, every professional will find the right knife for his or her specific requirements.

  • Miyabi

    Miyabi kitchen knives created in the Japanese tradition of samurai swords. They are knives designed with great elegance and beauty. They are characterized by their perfect balance and ergonomic handle. They are made in Seki, Japan.

  • Zwilling
  • Kyocera

    The material of which there are done the ceramic knives Kyocera contains a high percentage of oxide of circonio. The result is a material which hardness only is overcome by that of the diamond.The major benefit of the knives of ceramics Kasumi, it is a wear slower than the stainless steel. It remains the knife sharpened during more time.