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KAI – a japanese brand. Fashion, lifestyle, media world – Japan is ahead of time. Whatever is going to develop, Tokyo already has it. Japanese products are also in great demand around the world. The Far Eastern blend of harmony, minimalism and function combined with convincing quality leads to a magic formula of a great number of popular lifesty...

KAI – a japanese brand. Fashion, lifestyle, media world – Japan is ahead of time. Whatever is going to develop, Tokyo already has it. Japanese products are also in great demand around the world. The Far Eastern blend of harmony, minimalism and function combined with convincing quality leads to a magic formula of a great number of popular lifestyle products.


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  • Kai Wasabi Black

    Wasabi Black – polished blade, black handle: these Japanese designed knives feature a stainless steel polished blade with a hardness of 58±1 HRC that lend your kitchen the unmistakable Far Eastern flair. A handle has been developed for the Wasabi series that offers the optimum hygiene thanks to the special combination of bamboo powder and polypropylene – assisted by the natural anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo parts. In contrast to the traditional Japanese wood handle the black handle is not inserted but embraces the blade completely. Thus the blade is closely connected to the handle, not allowing dirt to settle in any gaps – making the knives suitable for canteens

  • Kai Seki Magoroku RedWood

    The Seki Magoroku Red Wood series captivates by its mirror-finished blade made of top-quality steel with a hardness of 58±1 HRC and the exquisitely polished edge that gives the series a high cutting performance.
    The traditional chestnut-shaped handle is made from Redwood. This hardwood naturally has high oil content and is therefore,water-resistant. The polished polypropylene bracket adds harmony to the wood’s modern colour.

  • Seki Magoroku Shoso
  • Kai Tim Mälzer Kamagata

    The Kai Tim Mälzer Kamagata series of kitchen knives makes an impact with its high standard of functionality, robust quality and minimalist aesthetics. With its clean-lined design, the knife collection focuses on the essentials required for efficient processes in the kitchen. At the beginning of the multi-year development process in Japan, Tim Mälzer designed the original blade shape himself.

    The attractively shaped blades are forged from 4116 stainless steel. They have a hardness of 57 (±1) HRC and are therefore corrosion resistant. Tim Mälzer's logo and personal signature are applied to the blade and, together with the satin finish, complete the exclusive and high-quality overall look.

    The polished handle is ergonomically shaped and the symmetrical alignment makes it suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. It sits comfortably in the hand and provides a secure, comfortable hold when working. The perfect balance between the handle and blade makes cutting a particularly smooth experience. Made using polished POM plastic, the handle is water resistant, hygienic and easy to maintain. Tim Mälzer’s own “bull in the kitchen” trademark adorns the end of the handle, adding a sophisticated highlight

  • KAI Seki Magoroku...

    The KAI Seki Magoroku Composite series is an innovative series and consists of 8 blade shapes with double side polished blades. The finished blade is made from the combination of two steels, creating a contrast between the mirror-polished blade and the satined opposite site. Thesatined outer material is made from SUS420J2 steel and the mirror-polished core of the blade from VG MAX steel with a hardness of 61 HRC. The combination of these materials guarantees the long-lasting performance and a high corrosion resistance of the blades. The production process is based on a new technology in the aircraft construction sector. It guarantees an extreme precision and a high resistance. The two steel grades are jointed through a particular copper brazing procedure. The subtle copper line reimaining between the steel grades adds an additional touch.

  • KAI SHUN Classic

    The Shun series of chef‘s knives is one of the most comprehensive damask steel series worldwide and highly appreciated by top class professionals as well as ambitious hobby chefs. Shun professional chef’s knives are made from specific stainless damask steel with 32 layers. The core layer is made from V-Gold-10-steel. This is an extremely hard (61±1 HRC, 1.0% carbon, 1.5% cobalt) and corrosion-resistant steel that gives the blade a sharpness that is second to none

  • KAI SHUN Premier Tim...
  • Shun Classic White

    Several of the Kai knives are forged from Damascus steel. This technique, originating in the Middle East and with an ancient tradition, provides knives with an extraordinary cut and a characteristic relief on their blades of great beauty. This type of forging requires a partly artisanal process, so it can be said that each Damascus Kai knife is unique.

    The Shun Classic and Shun Premier series are those that present this type of forging - with the exception of their ham or flexible knives

  • Kai Shun Pro Sho

    The new Shun Pro Sho knife series by kai masterly combines classic Japanese design with modern details and high-quality material. The exclusive quality and the unique look of the series are outstanding characteristics of the long tradition of the kai products and make every single knife a special piece. Thanks to its form, the dark Pakka wood hilt of the Shun Pro Sho Series is a true hand charmer. The blade of VG10 steel receives an ornamental tooling from an innovative etching technology. Sanded on one side, the extraordinarily sharp knives run through the cutting good smoothly and precise, and fully meet the requirements of a professional cutting tool.

  • Tim Mälzer Minamo

    Kai Shun Minamo series joins the ranks of premium class kai knife series. An artistically combination of both Japanese and European features. Tim Mälzer's idea was to create a synthesis of the typical Japanese Santoku and the classic European chef's knife. This fusion was the base for the three blade shapes. The series is designed with a clear stylistic idiom.
    The combination of the black wood hilt together with the specifically designed blade and its evenly damascene pattern, lets every knife look like an individual item.
    The name of the series originates from its fine pattern, which resembles a water surface (jap. Minamo) in the rain. The blade construction is made of a hard core, surrounded by flexible damascene steel, thus providing the highest sharpness, long cutting durability and ideal performance.

  • Kinju & Hekiju

    The chef's knives in the Seki Magoroku Kinju and Hekiju series are particularly light in the hand and enable precise cutting. The 7 blades of the Kinju knives are suitable for right-handers, while the two blades of the Hekiju series are specially designed for left-handed users.

    Unique technologies are applied in producing the blade of the Seki Magoroku Kinju and Hekiju knife series, making it possible to create the demanding, pointed cutting edges of traditional Japanese kitchen knives. They are ground on one side, which guarantees an optimal and straight cut. Maximum blade sharpness is achieved by the highly precise processing of the cutting edge.
  • Accessories KAI

    Fine Kai kitchen accessories, in line with the character of the Japanese company. Kai offers the ideal complement to selected kitchen tools and accessories suitable for home and travel. Kai accessories give functionality and elegance to your kitchen.

  • Kai Engetsu

    Limited series for the 20th anniversary of the Kai Shun range. The Engetsu series is a very limited and ultra-exclusive series made with 71 layers of VG-10 and VG2 coated in a spectacular full moon pattern (Engetsu in Japanese). There are only 842 pieces of the Santoku and 906 pieces of the cooker for Europe.

  • Magoroku Kaname

    New Kaname series from the Premium Seki Magoroku range. Magoroku Kaname knives are made with 3 layers of steel, the overlapping of the blade and the handle are inspired by the classic samurai swords. All the knives in the series have a Kiritsuke-type blade. Made of VGXeos steel with a hardness of (60-62) (±1) HRC.

  • Shun Nagare Black

    KAI's popular premium series of knives Shun Nagare, characterized by high quality materials, elegance and ergonomics is redesigned in the new Shun Nagare Black Series. KAI's Shun Nagare series offers premium knives with unique designs and ergonomic pakka wood handles. The new Shun Nagare Black Series features mottled black handles and polished blades with an intricate radial pattern, which are not only elegant, but also exceptionally sharp. The handles feature pakka wood scales treated to resist moisture and wear, with a forged tang for stability. The dual-core blades, forged using an innovative process, combine VG 2 and VG 10 steels for a hardness of 61 HRC, ensuring a long-lasting edge and high sharpness.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 91 items