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Chef Knives

Recommended Essential Chef Knives are a small paring knife, a small cook’s knife, large cook’s knife, bread knife and a carving knife and fork.

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  • Slicing & Carving knives

    Slicing and carving knives are used to slice and carve large pieces of cooked meat, fish. They are used to cut roasts and meat of different types in thin slices in order to keep food juices. Many filleting knives have hollow edges to prevent food from sticking to the blade while cutting. It is ideal for getting fine slices of meat from large pieces of roasted, grilled or cooked meat because it is a narrower knive than a Chef's knife, which facilitates a more accurate cut.

  • Paring Knives

    Paring Knives are great blades for working in small spaces. Paring knives are the tool for any job that requires detailed cutting - from paring apples to butterflying shrimp. With fully forged blades made from a single steel blank and ergonomic handle design for comfort our paring knives are hygienic cutting tools for the professional work environment.

  • Chefs knives

    Chef´s Knives are ideal for cutting, slicing, chopping and mincing. Made from high quality German stainless steel, these chefs knives are crafted for the highest cutting demands for both professional and household chefs.

  • Bread Knives

    Bread knives, with their serrated edges, are specifically designed to grip the surface (crust) and slice through the soft bread without compressing the bread - just the right tool for cakes as well!

  • Cheese Knives

    Special knives for the cut of all kinds of cheeses, knives of an only one handle, knives of two handles to cut with efficiency the cheeses mas cured.

  • Sausage Knives
  • Slicing Knives

    Best Slicing Knives - Buy quality professional steel slicing knives ideal for professional and household kitchens and chefs and cooks. Every kitchen knives comes with a Lifetime performance and sharpness guarantee.

  • Knife Sets

    In this section we have a selection of the knives mas used in kitchen to a price mas economically.

  • Espatulas
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Showing 1 - 37 of 119 items