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HORL 2 PRO - Dark bronze knife sharpener - HO2P-SET



The HORL 2 PRO sharpener is made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel with a dark bronze powder coating that gives it an elegant appearance, inside it has a planetary gear that triples the rotation speed of the sharpening discs achieving an extraordinary sharpening 3 times faster than with the other HORL sharpeners. It allows sharpening of 20º and 15º and incorporates abrasive diamond and ceramic discs.

  • HORL standard diamond blade
  • Ceramic disc to seat the cutting edge
  • 15° / 20° sharpening angle
  • Interchangeable sharpening discs
  • Planetary gear: 1:3 transmission

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HORL 2 PRO Sharpener Dark Bronze

Diamond Abrasive Disc

Thanks to the HORL diamond blade with standard grain you will achieve a professional sharpening very easily, also thanks to the planetary gear of the HORL 2 PRO you will achieve it 3 times faster. Each disc is manufactured using synthetic diamonds, which are perfect for sharpening any steel regardless of its hardness, ensuring precise results and achieving a finish comparable to a high-end German knife fresh from the factory. If the diamond blade is used correctly, it is not necessary to replace it.

Disco HORL diamante - HORL 2 POR

Ceramic Edge Seating Disc

After using the diamond abrasive disc, the ceramic disc is used to leave an even finer finish by removing burrs and debris from the previous process, this is achieved thanks to the disc's grooves and ceramic material.

Disco cerámica HORL

Section of a knife that left the factory in front of a sharpening with HORL 2

Microscopic section of a high-end knife

Microscopic section of a sharp knife with the diamond abrasive disc and the ceramic polishing disc



20º Grinding Angle

Thanks to the 20º angle of the S-PAD you will be able to give your knives a stable and durable edge and you will achieve a perfect sharpening in a short time. With the 20 degree angle the knives stay sharp longer with an edge of excellent sharpness.Angulo 20º HORL 2 PRO

15º Grinding Angle

With the 15º angle of the S-PAD you will obtain a greater sharpness in the edge of your knives, for even more precise cutting, this type of angles are indicated in Japanese knives, whether they are made of carbon steel or damascus.

Angulo 15º HORL 2 PRO

High Efficiency Level

Synthetic diamonds are considered one of the most durable and effective abrasive discs on the market. Single crystal diamonds are harder than any knife steel. The diamonds in the HORL® Standard Grit Diamond Abrasive Wheel are set using an electroplating process in which they are 55% dipped in a nickel bath. The rough surface is smoothed with the first movements until it reaches a smooth state, which is maintained in this form.


The combination of strong neodymium magnets and the thin HORL® S-Pad silicone membrane allows the knife to be fixed to the holder. Thanks to its anti-slip function, even the smallest blades can be precisely and consistently sharpened to the desired height.

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